Complete Eye Care

About Us

The Institute is dedicated to the lifelong care of our patients' vision needs.


The Green Eye Institute was established in 1938 by Dr. Earl W. Green.  Dr. Green, a pioneer in ophthalmology, built a reputation for delivering modern, comprehensive eye care in a caring manner to the people of South Mississippi.

Many outstanding ophthalmologists have practiced at the Green Eye Institute over the years including, Dr. Emmett M. Herring, Dr. John E. Green, Dr. John L. Pendergrass, Dr. John V. Petro, and Dr. G. Michael Atkinson.

The name, Green Eye Institute, reflects our proud origin and indicates our commitment to providing modern, comprehensive, total eye care.  We strive to continue Dr. Earl Green's legacy of care and concern for our patients.

Complete eye care involves the diagnosis, prevention, surgical and medical treatment of eye diseases and the provision of optical goods and contact lenses.  At the Green Eye Institute you can have confidence you will always see a physician, not a technician, for your examinations and ongoing treatment.

Today, the Green Eye Institute is the oldest ophthalmology practice in the state.


Green Eye Institute Outside view